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A Children’s Treasury of Guam Bendy Straws

One thing we never expected to love about Guam but has quickly become one of our favorite quirks is that almost all straws there are bendy straws. We’re all talk about how “a straw’s a straw” until we get all up in the bendy straw’s business. Because the bendy straw is the best straw.

Aji-Ichi Restaurant

Meskla Dos

Shoreline Grill

Infusion Coffee House

Khaohom Thai Restaurant

The Beach Bar

Jeff’s Pirate Cove

Chamorro Village Night Market

TuRe’ Cafe

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1,000 Steps Trail


It’s more steep than it looks!

It took awhile, but our first glimpse of the ocean was so rewarding.

After many, many steps, you end up at this bed of coral and lava rock, which is easy enough to navigate if you were smart enough to wear nice shoes. Just don’t step where you can’t see rock because those plants can be deceptive when it comes to hiding how deep the rock is beneath.

We went on a relatively calm day for the sea and were able to walk out onto the coral shelf. But only for about 10 minutes before a HUGE wave came and almost threw both of us against the rocks. We scampered our asses out PRONTO, to only just barely miss an even bigger wave that could’ve been fatal for us both. Please be careful!!

The tree at the start of the trail back is marked with an orange tag and a gatorade bottle, so don’t worry about getting too lost to find your way back to the stairs because someone before you has you covered! Of course, if you stray too far you may not find that tree, but I can’t imagine it’d be that hard. (By the way, aren’t these Australian pine trees just beautiful?)

I read the name as the 10,000 Steps Trail in multiple places before we got there, but now I’m seeing that it’s actually the 1,000 Steps Trail and only has about 150 (incredibly steep) stairs. I feel like I missed out on about 9,850 stairs but after that climb back up, I’m not complaining! Hold on tight because those handrails are awful wobbly in a lot of places. Apparently Mangilao Golf Club is slacking on their maintenance of this area.

We did this one on our first day back following a short stop at the Dededo Flea Market for a $25 Filipino-style bolo machete. We had big plans to follow this one with another hike, but it was HOT and we were out of water, so we opted for shave ice and some water instead of another hike. I regret nothing.

If you’re heading to this trail from Tumon, the easiest way is to take 1 into Dededo, then turn at the Winchell’s onto Macheche Rd. through Latte Heights. When that dead ends at 15, turn right onto 15. The road to the trail is the first street north of the golf course, which you can tell is starting because there’s a thick line of palms on the inside of a chain-link fence. (Otherwise, you’ll have to do like us and go to the golf course and turn around to find the street. Either works!) At the end of the road, there’s a trailhead made of two stones. You might think you should park there, and if you’re in a car, you should. But if you’re on a scooter or bicycle, follow the semi-trail for a few yards and you’ll find a hidden parking lot with picnic tables. I don’t get why they’d block off the parking lot to cars, but I’ve learned to not question things like this.

Overall, this isn’t much of a hike in most places, though there are some more rugged spots than just a long staircase. Make sure you have plenty of water, though, because the climb back up those stairs is pretty intense in the late-morning/early-afternoon heat.

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Marshall’s favorite restaurants on Guam

We’ll be back on Guam in a few days!

There’s a lot to love about Guam, and the food there isn’t the least of it.

Here is a rundown of places that we loved, that we’ll make a point to visit again:

Meskla Dos
412 N. Marine Corp Drive

Meskla Dos menu

This place is right by K-Mart, so you know you’ll be in the area.

We got the tininu barbecue plate with three meats for $10; we got katni (beef short ribs), tasahos (smoked pork), and manok (chicken). Naturally, it came with red rice and finadene. It also came with a side of “finadene dinanche” (a thicker condiment made with peppers). Along with a Carlsberg (interesting Danish beer …. not sure how that fits in with the Chamorro theme, but that’s cool) and a soda, our total was under $15.

Apparently this place is known for its burgers, but our fiesta plate was absolutely perfect:

Bad photo; good food.

It’s open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day.

My cousin, who’s in the Navy and stationed on Guam as I write this, tells me they have burgers served in-between two grilled cheese sandwiches. (!)

The prices are excellent, though a $1 “service charge” was slipped onto my bill.

Lorwill’s BBQ Stand
28 Marine Corps Drive

Our boonie stomp guide took us here, and we drove by it a couple of times as we puttered around the island. I don’t remember what I had, but I think it was some part of the pig humans weren’t intended to eat. But it was pretty darn good.

What it lacks in décor it makes up for in the food.

I couldn’t find a menu online (but I did find a troubling news item from 2010 about this place being shut down because of a “roach infestation”). I’m gonna try not to let that bother me too much. I don’t know how you can keep a kitchen bug-free in a climate like Guam’s unless you’re using a lot of pesticides. I hate to say it, but the occasional roach is less scary to me than a vat of poison poured over ever kitchen surface.

Aji-Ichi Japanese Restaurant
Marine Corps Drive

I was surprised at the lack of sushi I found on Guam. I thought an island in the Pacific would be sushi central. This isn’t the case. And to add insult to sushi scarcity, the one place we kept trying to go to, Rotary Sushi, was always closed. So I was glad to find Aji Ichi:

First of all, this place apparently has three locations on Guam. I’m not sure if I have the address correct above, because one of the other locations may also be on Marine Corps Drive. I think this place was next door to Infusion, the coffee shop we visited a few times.

The sushi knocked me out. It was good, and it was cheap.

The Yelp reviews keep mentioning ramen and bento. I can’t vouch for that (though I’ll be sure to try it when I’m there), but my sashimi sampler was fantastic.

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