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Talofofo Falls Resort Park

If I could insist upon one single place where all visitors to Guam should visit, it would without a doubt be Talofofo Falls. Not only is the drive to the park from Tumon absolutely gorgeous, going through the rolling hills of  Santa Rita, but the destination is the most unique place we found on the island.

We had no idea what to expect when we got there. We knew there were waterfalls, and we knew Shoichi Yokoi’s hole was somewhere on the grounds, but what we found was more than we ever could’ve imagined. It all started with an unexpected military discount based entirely on the Navy anchor tattoo on my wrist. “Nice anchor. Military? Cool, you got the discount.” I get the feeling they aren’t sticklers for checking military IDs.

When we walked in, we were greeted by the above, which they called a “trolley.” Ha! From what I could tell, the park benches were only kind of latched down but when I asked an employee, he said no one had ever fallen off. Knock on wood!

After walking around the grounds for a few minutes, we ended up at a gate with a sign warning of adult content lurking past the fence. Sign us up! Turns out Loveland is a garden of erotic statues. I still can’t believe we almost didn’t go because if I’d found out after we left that I missed out on something like that, I’d be so upset.

There’s also a “haunted house” on the way to the cable cars, with hydraulic-powered frights that look frighteningly like Elvis lurking around every corner.

The actual falls are gorgeous, of course. There are two falls, with swimming available in the upper falls. We were able to splash around with a local family, climbing up on the slippery rocks with each others’ help and diving into the deep pools. Yokoi’s Cave is a short walk from the falls, so I’d recommend swimming after your trip to the cave instead of having to walk the slippery rocks with water from your swimsuit dripping down your legs. Bring some snacks and spend the afternoon because the falls are super refreshing!

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