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Hike to Pagat Cave and Pagat Point

We paid for a boonie stomp with Guam Guided Adventures because we wanted someone who could give us history and talk about the vegetation we were passing as we went. Rob, our guide, took us to Pagat Cave and Pagat Point (and Gun Beach after) when we told him we wanted a medium-difficulty hike with great scenery. That was basically the only criteria we gave him and he picked out the perfect trail for us.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures in the cave because there was a family having a birthday celebration inside when we got there and I wanted to respect their privacy. If you have some, I recommend bringing waterproof flashlights so you can find your way around in the water. It’s so cool and refreshing in the water there, but try to not shine the light on the walls if you can avoid it. (I won’t say what was crawling all over some of them but it rhymes with “wockwoaches.”)

Along this trail, you’ll also pass through an ancient Chamorro site with a few artifacts still remaining for you to see.

You might be tired from trying to keep from slipping on the limestone┬áby the time you hit the caves, but it’s worth it to forge ahead to the coast. The trail will lead you to a beautiful lava formation over the water, with a natural bridge crossing over the crashing waves below you. It’s absolutely breathtaking. This is the view from the middle of the natural bridge.

We weren’t able to do it when we did the hike because the tide was going crazy strong, but this spot is also great for cliff diving. From what I’ve read, you can dive off the edge and let a wave lift you onto a rock to climb back out. I’m hoping we’ll be able to do this on our next trip! Use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to jump, but don’t do it if the water is as rough as this:

It’s beautiful, right? I’m still kind of in awe over what we saw when we reached the end. The hike back is uphill, so spend plenty of time relaxing and having fun before you heading back to the car!

The trailhead for this hike is on 15, about halfway between Adacao and Yigo. You’ll see a parking area on the left (if you’re heading north) with the entrance directly to the right. Like any other hike where you leave your car behind unattended, keep no valuables inside, or anything that even looks like it might be a valuable, and leave the doors unlocked so the windows don’t get busted when someone decides they want in even though you have no valuables inside.

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