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Pago Bay and the Much Nicer Beach Down the Road

I can summarize Pago Bay in three words: Don’t go there. To expand on that, the trail to the beach is hard to find, there is no parking except in a private neighborhood, and once you finally do get parked and find the trail, the beach and the water are nasty to the max. The only reason that first picture of Pago Beach looks semi-decent is because it’s washed out by the blazing Guam sun. This one’s a little more true-to-life:

Truly remarkable, though, is Taga’chang Beach, just down Rt. 4. I believe there’s a sign for it, right past the sharp bend beyond the neighborhood at Pago Bay (if you’re going south). There’s a long road that’ll be absolutely beautiful to gawk at with a beach at the end even more remarkable.

Marshall certainly enjoyed his time snorkeling in this remote, completely private bay and seemed to find some wonderful wildlife under the waters. My time was spent exploring the giant lava rocks, little lagoons, and caves all along the shoreline. There are little covered gazebo/picnic spots near the parking area, which would be perfect for a nice big lunch of tinala katne and red rice.

Yona just took over management of the beach and the article I read said something about a fee structure to help with┬ámaintenance, but I’m not sure if that means a fee just to access it or a fee to rent out the covered areas. Might want to make sure you have a couple of bucks on you when you show up just in case, but I promise you it’s worth it.

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