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Gov. Joseph Flores Beach Park (Ypao Beach Park)

You know, it kind of feels like a copout to say this was one of our favorite beaches because it was so close┬áto our hotel, but it really was one of the best. It’s definitely a tourist-centric beach, with more facilities and parking than I saw almost everywhere else. But because of that, it was well maintained and perfect for some easy but scenic snorkeling.

It’s settled right on the outside edge of Tumon Bay, between two hotels that have their own private beach access so their guests are filling the shores at the beach park. Even though it’s easily the most touristy beach, it was still remarkably uncrowded and I think we only saw 10-15 people on the busiest day. It’s opposite Two Lovers Point, but you can still see the gorgeous cliffs to the right in the picture.

The water is about waist deep for me, a 5’10” woman who’d rather swim in deeper waters. I don’t remember there being much of a current, so I’d gather it’s relatively safe for kids of most ages as long as they know how to paddle. And why would they be in the water if they don’t?

The beach area itself isn’t very large, and just a five minute walk to the left or right gets you into a very private feeling area. The sand is nice and soft, and we were more than happy to just sit and drink a cheap bottle of strawberry wine from Kmart on the quiet, peaceful shoreline when we got to the beach and found it closed on our last day.

Snorkeling is decent. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. It’s a great, calm area to get your feet wet and make sure all your equipment works before setting out for more challenging waters.

As an added bonus, Proa is just at the end of the road and they have great ribs. And as another added bonus, it’s just across the street from Tower of London Pub, the least cheesy bar on the strip (and the most affordable).

Prime picnicking capabilities!

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